Sunday, February 17, 2008

Never underestimate Witches

Hawina woke up on the morning of Willow's 6th birthday and turned to her lover Corb and said "i am sad, i think my father has died." But she didn't just suspect it, she knew it. She went to check her e-mail, assuming there would be word from the Netherlands there of his passing. But when she did not find it, her belief was not shaken. Further searching would reveal the e-msg had been diverted to a folder because it came from an unusual place. Her dad was dead.

How could she know this? Is the question that jumps to most peoples heads. True he was sick and had been hospitalized. But how could she know he died this particular night? It is because she is an empath. Someone with an extraordinary sense of feeling, a sixth sense as to things which are happening in the world that touches her.

My scientifically oriented friends will be dismissive of this as nonsense. And this is where i came from, my own years of rationalist training. Repeatable experiments - this is the only truth determining model. Well after decades now of inexplicable insights of the witches and empaths i have crossed paths with, i've decided that science is not the beginning and end of truth. And not only that, but if you limit your belief system to science you miss some of the most beautiful and magical parts of the world.

Long before Willow was born Hawina and i made a life time commitment to each other. Almost 15 years into my unusual dance with her, a lifetime seems like just the right amount amount of time.

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Rosie said...

I cry, reading the last paragraph, a significant amount of compersion for Hawina's experience of life right now. Perhaps I am also slightly invested in your potential to be a stable, consistent, and focused partner as well as an intense and staccato one. Another thing you are teaching me: a joyous affinity with mixed signals.