Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick Stars and Skipping town

My whole family is sick. Willow got it first, but in rapid succession Sky, Hawina (picture to the left) and got it.
i dont do sick well. i joke that because of this i dont do sick often - but it seems my luck ran out this time.

There is nothing quite as sad as a sick kid. Willow overall has been pretty great about his ailment which has run him up to 102 degrees and has had us worried. He seems to be getting better, or at least is over the worst of it.

Hawina's father is ill. likely dying. She is flying to the Netherlands on friday to be with her family of origin during this tough time.

At the same time i am going off to do an honest seduction
workshop with the lovely Sabrina in Hawaii. Leaving Sky with the recovering Bino (short for Bambino a name we have given him since not long after his birth - which is italian for boy child)

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Rosie said...

This gist of this is excellent and there is not very much content to speak of = kind of a snooze to read. Say something wickedly blunt about it all. Or touchingly revealing. :-P