Monday, February 25, 2008

Permanent Memories

For almost all my life, I was convinced I would not be a parent. For an even larger part of my life, I was even more sure I would not have a tattoo. Things change. For the last couple of years I wanted a tattoo of the symbols which make up my sons name. It starts are the end, when Hawina changed her name I gave her the little bird icon which flies over the i. Her new last name was Falcon so the bird seemed appropriate. When Willow was born, we needed a short symbol for him for all the scheduling and planning we did around him. I constructed a W wich was made out of two similar flying birds. Both dads had Sky as a name at one point and we considered Sky as a middle name, but that felt like to much. So in part because Sky, Hawina and Willow were living in a building at Twin Oaks called MorningStar we took Star as his middle and our family name.

So now I have a bright orange tattoo (Willows and my favorite color) to remind me when I am far away (like now in Hawaii) or when I am right beside him, that our lives are linked.

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Rosie said...

so even though yr tat is sexy
i thought you mentioned something once about
another post?

(not in the least bit) patiently waiting,
rosie girl