Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Oh Communism is okay now..."

If we had played by the rules, they likely would never have been permitted to come.

But because i was characteristically sloppy, Voice of America came to do a features piece at Twin Oaks. A recruiting manager who was on top of their game would have posted the emails that VOA sent requesting they come and cover the commune weeks before their arrival. And quite likely had i done that the members of the community who had concerns would have rallied enuf upset to chase off the propaganda arm of the US government. But i surprised people with them and they were already on campus before a few people expressed their upset at their presence.

They made no bones about who they were. Calling themselves US propagandists. Offering their own observations of VOA's manipulative behavior, like closing offices in countries they are less interested in. There was a precious moment when they were trying to convince I-P (formerly Piankhy) to let them film him (he was lusciously telegenic with his Asian musical instrument and his rich dark north African skin) by saying that they just reported the facts. I-P was having none of it.

But my favorite moment was when they spoke briefly with Tigger (formerly Tom) who i was trying to set up an interview with. Tigger said "i was initially attracted to Twin Oaks because of the Marxist economics, but i guess you dont want to report on that." To which Susan from VOA quickly replied "Oh communism is okay. Now we are fighting terrorism."