Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Open Love Letters and the New Media

The nature of privacy is changing dramatically.

Something about this media in combination with cultural shift is encouraging bloggers to chronicle their activities publicly in a way which was unthinkable outside of erotica just a short score years ago.

This presents something of a challenge to this never-humble propagandist. My lovers Angie and Rosie write colorfully about our complicated intimacies in their blogs. Public love letters are not new to me, i posted one i wrote to the rock musician Bruce Cockburn a decade back. What is challenging to me is the idea of private almost cryptic communications posted pubically.

My reflex when in this media is to write to the widest audience. But as they should, my intimates are stretching me.

gathering the shards
of cash and tasks
kicked in the head
between snorings
unwilling to be
unstoppably tickeled

and you
old soul disguised
laughing w/ razor
teaching a clod dancing


Rosie said...

Giving the closest shave in the Delaware River valley...

Angie said...

kicked in the head, surrounded by snorking, my favorite way to sleep.