Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Next Big Thing

i am watching Rosie on googles new vchat facility. and i see how the technology will affect relationships. seeing the notes from our love letter writing workshop we did together on her wall, watching her laugh and engaging in higher bandwidth will make it impossible for me to hold her emotionally away as i have been doing since ran away from her.

i watch vchats viral influence as little green and orange gchat dots change into little green and orange vchat cameras. And i theorize how this will take on the phone companies, pull traffic towards google, cripple skype and feed into the digital nomad thing i have been thinking about recently.

Update: So i turns out i am likely wrong about this. I was gchating with Dave Pollard, Tree's new romantic interest. And he said that they have video chatting capacity at hsi office, but they dont use it for conferences, instead putting up still pictures and using the bandwidth for data and other presentations.

And i guess my enthusiasm comes in large part from being able to see these beuatiful and animated women i chat with, Abigail, Angie, Patty, Rosie. If i were look at some grumpy old guy in a business suit, i would probably focus on the powerpoint presentation as well.


Rosie said...

I've always got a minute of time for the next big thing

PJ said...

The next step is technology which will allow us to videotransport.

Unknown said...

Hey, grumpy old men in suits have feelings too, ya know

Angie said...

i'd like to point out that i spend most of my video gchats looking at some grumpy old guy in a fairly hideous adidas sweatshirt, and i still think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. it's really about who the person on the other end of the camera is to me- "beautiful" or not.