Friday, November 28, 2008

Dumpsters and Willow

When i was almost 7 my father first took me fishing. We went out on the nearby pond and caught catfish. I thought they were disgusting, slimy and alien. My father tried to explain that this is where we got food from. I knew better, we get food from the store.

I was half expecting to get the same response from Willow, now almost 7, when i took him dumpster diving for the first time yesterday. Grabbing stuff out of dumpsters is dirty work - smashed fruits and vegetables, trash mixed with treasure. All a bit gross and hardly enticing.

And as is often the case, my son surprised me. Happy to hold bags while we rescued stuff from the Ten Katestraat dumpsters. More than willing to run under vendor tables to grab a pepper or orange, inspect it and then leave it behind if it was too damaged or take pride in the find if it was salvagable. It was another kind of game for him. We skipped back to Casa together, laden with produce.

That's how i spent my thanksgiving, the most hopeful one i have had in years.


Angie said...

i love this entry, i can just picture willow's massive grin as he rescues a tasty orange that was destined for the trash and will now grace your table.

as i sat down to my own thanksgiving meal at TO, i was most thankful for the new relationships i've built over the past year, with Caroline, Willow, and of course, you.

see you in less than two weeks.

PJ said...

I really like this entry too. And you have perhaps unknowingly skyrocketed your attractiveness with what you've written.