Tuesday, November 4, 2008

algorithms to match brain topographies

Patty asked me to diverge from Am*dam tales. So this an unremarkable entry i penned in the train to Heerlen to see Willow and Hawina.

I've taken up Sudoku recently. i rarely indulge myself in such time burning pleasures, but what i discovered i liked about it is that the nature of the solutions is well suited to my chaotic approach to problem solving. I bounce around trying different sorts of solutions and tease out partial fixes from different parts of the puzzle. When Hawina and i were working on them together it was interesting to see how quickly our two distinct approaches together would reveal an answer.

Equally, part of what attracts me to Sudoku is the elegance of the of the puzzle form. It tends to hold together well, when you decode a piece (at least in the tough ones) they remain tough. And like many a good mystery, it does not unravel abruptly at the end.


PJ said...

Oh the joys of sudoku. Playing it is indeed like solving a mystery. It can be therapeutic too. Piecing together the puzzle until tada! one has a neat and sensible solution.

Rosie said...

what i love about sudoku is that it affords me the ability to be logical AND chaotic... usually I choose the chaos but when I get stuck I resort to logic. I also bop around trying different things. And sometimes I count, mentally, through each number sequentially. I haven't played sudoku in a while, I'm sure I've gotten terribly slow at it.