Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Casa Classic

There are about 10 people hosting at Casa Robino now so we have this slightly complicated situation involving the mailbox and two different sets of keys. i had no keys when i came back for wrestling with Willow and waited for 20 minutes before Marc and Topher and Nitai showed up. They had one set of keys, but had lost the other.

So we could get into the building, but not into the Casa - physically. Virtually however, Marc was able to 1) take our pictures 2) use he Casa Wifi and 3) Post the picutre and the pathetic caption that we were locked out on the cover of the Casa Robino website.

moments later we were rescued.


PJ said...

Pax you look sooo bad ass with that hat. I love it

Rosie said...

patty sez badass
I say muffin headed

tomato tomatoe I guess

Angie said...

i am curious,
why not knock on the door?