Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What you can do with 700 people

Sky and Kassia just watch some pretty intense stuff go down in Copenhagen around the states attempt to shut down the long standing large community of Christiania.

But the back story is classic. As i understand it when the negotiations between the city and the community break down, the state comes in and reclaims part of the property. These actions were in response to the police destroying a house. Over 700 people showed up and the result is they repulsed the police. But building was largely destroyed.

Of course the other thing you can do, if you have some skilled fraction of those 700 people. Is you can come back the next day and rebuild the building. Which the Christianians are doing.

Christiania is much mroe famous for its cargo/multi passenger bike designs than it is for protests.


PJ said...

Way to go residents for rebuilding the building. It seems to me like the Danish government has a really great, progressive outlook for allowing Christiania to exist, it's too bad they can't allow it to exist peaceably. Then again the residents don't seem to be reacting very peaceably to the police.

Oh conflict where is your end...

MaverickMama said...

When I grow up I want to live in Christiania. I loved my visit, and wanted to stay.
I suppose the government has to put up a show of disapproval.

Rosie said...

how does the bike turn? do you know?

memeticist said...

Dearest Rosie:

Yes, the bike turns (tho it does not look like it does from the picture). Better pictures at:

To maverickmama - my first suggestion is to not grow up. And the government has been disapproving for quite sometime and the folx who live there are not about to give it up.