Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quite Handy

In 1991, Wam Kat convinced me that e-mail was the future, he was right and i've never gone back (tho i still write some love letters on paper).

One of my favorite tools is It creates short web addresses for these tremendous strings you sometimes get. When there is a webpage that is hard to get to TinyURL can help rescue you and they just made this utility more handy, by giving you the option to propose your own name for it. These are the ones i have created so far:
- this blog - my Twin Oaks vanity website - The polyamory primer - "With Open Hands"
- Super meme construction kit - thoughts on self replicating ideas and cultural constructs - Amory Lovin's latest short article slamming nuclear power. - Pictures of the amazing "Dancing Forest" near Kaliningrad. Lucifer says they dont know why these trees do this.

1 comment:

PJ said...

What a clever little tool. I feel much more informed about why you are always throwing these tinyurls around.