Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Not a Circus without the Dog

We've come to calling it "the circus"
Which is the small gaggle of people around my son

This weekend it was Angie, Rosie and Spot.
W/ wonderful path crossings with Beth, Rez, Nadine
and the infamous Johnny Sacko.

And on this trip i was especially appreciative of Spot,
my most complicated friend. Spot has quite some number
(i thought 16, but this might be low) of different personalities
and fractional identities.

"Spot" is an important integrative personality. It empathizes
with the noble trains of the domesticated canine: loyalty, joyfulness, tenacity

Someone once asked me if i had any fear for
leaving my son with someone who many would consider crazy.

I said my only fear
was for someone who messed with Willow
and Spot didn't like it

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