Monday, April 21, 2008

God is a verb, Goddess is a noun

For the last 10 years, almost every full moon, Shal and i climb trees. When i started, i did not really know how to climb tress very well. But with Shal, you dont have to worry about time - he has approximately endless patience. Safety, training, long conversation - Shal embodies these and over the years i have become quite a reasonable tree climber - both technical and free style.

It is a spiritual experience for me - someone who does not identify themselves as a very spiritual person. While we were in an amazing ironwood tree that put us well over the river recently, Shal shared one of the distinctions he had read recently about dieties which really struck me. He described the male god as the action and goddess as a presense. That the female diety is the biosphere and all that is life and the male godhead is the interactions and motion within it.

One of the things which i love about this dear friend of mine, is that he makes me think about things differently.

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