Friday, February 26, 2010

Google is Dead

"Google is dead, long live google."

I am starting a new blog, it is at

There are lots of reasons why, one of them being it is good to maintain a diverse internet eco-system and not have all ones stuff under the google banner (blogspot/blogger is a google brand).

Come check me out over at my new house, which promises to be a proper superset of this blog from now on. Not exactly sure what (or if) i will use this one for.

Oh the theme of the new blog is that your passport to complaining, is your willingness to do something about it.


Feonix Fawkes said...

did you know that i have also migrated to wordpress? it is curious that we did the same things independently at the same time.

the reason for my move was the wordpress had the best integration options, and I wanted to consolidate the 8+ years of blogs i had on livejournal, blogger, and wordpress, into one journal. I like the continuity.

Doddy said...

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