Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keyvah and Caroline get hitched !

One of my big attractions to Twin Oaks is that it is a place which inspires people to do things that other people are not even thinking about doing. To do things which some people think are impossible or at least incomprehensible. Caroline and Keyvah are doing such a thing today. Pairs of women get hitched all the time these days, but like their heterosexual counterparts, their primary motivation is their romantic connection to each other and secondary is their desire to have family together.

Both of these amazing women are key players in my son, Willow's life. And as only a parent can, i see their influence on him, Caroline's theatrics in the quirky YouTube videos they make together, Keyvah's "bored kid does complex math" tricks. And in a kind of spooky transference, Willow now seems to be able to tell when i am going to leave the room, moments before i actually get up and go - an art Caroline and Keyvah perfected sometime back.

And through this unorthodox home schooling they have built something Caroline coined "Framily". A fusion of friends and family. It turns out that the Nigerian proverb is right and it takes a village to raise a kid. But unlike the politicians and educators who spout this phrase i have seen it happen with my son and these wonderful women and our fluidly designed framily.

And i am excited to be on this journey with them and know they will help guide their own extraordinary kids.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yay for Framily! Congratulations Keyvah & Caroline. And yay for Willow and Pax and everyone else who gets to benefit from the union of these two amazing women.

PJ said...

This post reminds me why I like people. Specifically you, Keyvah, Caroline, and Willow. Although I haven't had much interaction with Willow. My most memorable memory is how he was slightly befuddled by turkey sausage when i made it for him and Keyvah one time. Then I think he liked it.

Anyway, it sounds like the journey is moving in an excellent direction.