Friday, January 23, 2009

tears for Aris

Part of my job, if finding gifted young people and offering them tools. Aris was an easy find at even at Casa Robino. Amongst all the charming and attractive people who storm thru this adventure in radical hospitality, she stood out. We spoke on the back porch for some hours, about skillsurfers about what she wanted to do with this group and these people. This eloquent, multilingual 19 year old spoke of land in Slovenia that she controlled that she wanted to do collective things with. We spoke of hitching and of how she transended her fear.

Aris has passed. A boat capsized and took her from us. My eyes bleed for this loss.


Kelpie Oaks said...

Oh how sad. Thanks for the photo.
"What is remembered lives."
much love,

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness - what a story and i'm sad to read it. cool thing: there's a fox outside of my window. plus, i've got the technical difficulties sorted out and i'm ready to use this as a photo blog. i'm super excited!