Monday, June 2, 2008

relatively rare mass mailing

Dearest Clan:

As most of you know, i do memetic analysis. This construct "Searching for John McCain" is one of the better designed campaign structures to take advantage of new voters use of internet search engines as advisors for the election. This project promotes the policy positions of McCains, in his own words in interviews on mainstream media websites. In what might be a close election (tho i think i am with Murdock on this one and Obama will win by a landslide) this tool might reach and influence 1% of voters.

If you have a blog or are willing to comment on other blogs, you can be part of this strategy.

Read the background information on:

and ...

Or simply copy and post the following section of text with it's 9 key hyperlinks:

Who is John McCain, in his own words? McCain opposes raising the minimum wage. McCain's housing policy was built by lobbyists. McCain supports Bush's agenda to privatize social security. John McCain opposes extending guaranteed health insurance to children; McCain supports Bush's Iraq strategy. McCain wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. McCain opposes the GI Bill.

Do you really want to vote for John McCain?

Create your own McCain blurb at ...

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